I don’t think that a zombie apocalypse is about to happen anytime soon, but should that actually happen, then it would be good to have something hardier to get around in, rather than a pristine looking Hyundai like the ones we see in The Walking Dead TV series. Leonid Khripounov, head of research and development at Russia’s Aton-Impulse, has worked with his team to design what is deemed to be a disaster-proof Viking-2992.

I am not quite sure just how far this claim of being disaster-proof is able to go, but the Viking-2992 happens to be a massive seven-seater amphibious ride, where it is able to ford through rivers in addition to plough through snow-laden roadways without missing a beat. Specially designed to be a rescue vehicle, Khripounov and his team touts that the Viking-2992 is proud to be the only vehicle of its kind worldwide which can ford all 37 types of snow that fall around the globe, including the four or five kinds which snowmobiles and reindeer would avoid.

Of course, speed is not its strong suit as sacrifices need to be made, but then again, zombies aren’t going to be able to run very fast in the first place. Capable of hitting a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour, when it floats across a river or lake, the speed will plummet to slightly more than nine miles per hour. The base model Viking -2992 would retail for $200,000 a pop, while those who have bigger families can opt for the 12-seater version that would sell to the tune of $350,000. I shudder to think of the fuel consumption though.

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