When the name Volvo is bandied about, many of us would automatically think of safety as one of its main draws, although over the years, design of Volvo vehicles have become more and more sleek to keep up with the Joneses – which ain’t a bad thing at all, really. Well, a special concept was developed by Volvo at their Volvo Concept center in Los Angeles, where it comes in the form of an inflatable child safety seat that can even fit within a small bag each time it is deflated for easy portability.

Standard issue child car seats tend to be bulky in nature, difficult to move around and is a pain to mount, but these tend to be staples in a vehicle for parents due to their concern of safety for their little one. Why not make life easier for the parents (and also other folks who are waiting for your parking lot while you struggle with your child safety seat) by delivering a lightweight and inflatable rearward-faced child seat concept?

Relying on technology developed in military research, this concept seat is touted to be the safest in the market today, even when measured against conventional child safety seats. The biggest advantage? The ability to pack and carry it in a jiffy, considering how it takes just 40 seconds to inflate and deflate thanks to the integrated electric pump. There is no word as to when a consumer version will be released, but this is where sooner is better than later.

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