Over the past few months, Ubisoft has revealed both the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for gamers who are planning on playing Watch Dogs on their computers. For the most part, the minimum specifications shouldn’t be too hard for most gamers to meet, assuming that they have a decent graphics card and relatively new hardware.

Gamers striving for recommended will probably need slightly better hardware and make the jump towards a high mid-range or high-end GPU. However we can only imagine that there are some gamers out there who want to be able to run the game at its maximum settings while enjoying at least 60 frames per second, and in a recent tweet by Jonathan Morin, the ultra specs have been revealed.

According to Morin, gamers are strongly suggested to have an Intel Core i7-4770K processor with a GeForce 780 GPU, which at the moment is one of the higher-end NVIDIA graphics cards available at the moment, the GeForce Titan notwithstanding. Morin also states that the latest Watch Dogs trailer was recorded with a previous-gen Intel processor, the i7-3930K and a GeForce Titan, so you liked what you see in the trailer (video above) and want to replicate that experience on your PC, those are some of the specs you should be aiming for.

In any case we reckon that the GeForce Titan and the GeForce 780 are a bit out of reach for most gamers as these are some pretty pricey GPUs, so if you don’t mind running the game at less than 60fps, or enjoying it at medium settings, then the recommended system specs should be more than enough to get you by, but if you’re aiming for the stars, better start breaking out that credit card!

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