whatsapp-logo-newThere is no denying that we live in a world and culture that is obsessed with figures and numbers. After all, whatever that can be measured, can be improved, and companies love to boast about their growth figures. WhatsApp, having been purchased by Facebook for a cool $19 billion in February, continues to remain as the world’s most popular messaging app after hitting a new high of processing 64 billion messages within 24 hours.

To put that into context, it was in January this year (yes, that’s right, just three months back) that WhatsApp was proud to blow their trumpet, citing that they processed over 50 billion messages in a single day. To see that figure grow by another 14 billion in a matter of two months is certainly impressive to say the least.

Out of the 64 billion processed messages, 20 billion of those were sent, while another 44 billion messages were received. These figures do not match due to some of them including group messages. Where do you think WhatsApp will go from here, and how do you think Facebook will leverage their new “toy” in order to make back the capital that they have spent on WhatsApp? One thing’s for sure, WhatsApp’s competitors such as Line aren’t letting up.

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