image_thumb80While iOS and Android remain as the top two mobile operating systems and have a chunk of the market share, let’s not forget that there are other platforms out there, like Windows Phone and BlackBerry, both of whom have been vying for third place. We expect that their respective companies would prefer if they were in 1st or 2nd, but third will have to do for now.

Well it looks like Windows Phone has managed to pull ahead of BlackBerry, at least according to the recent numbers by Nielsen which revealed that Windows Phone now commands 3% of the US smartphone market, versus BlackBerry’s 2%.

The growth of Windows Phone is said to be attributed to Nokia whose own market share has managed to grow significantly as well, but then again we can’t say we’re too surprised given that Nokia is the biggest proponent of the Windows Phone platform.

The pie chart above also shows how iOS and Android are clearly dominating the smartphone, although it seems that the gap between iOS and Android isn’t as huge as one would have thought and the difference is only 10%. Perhaps Apple might be able to close that gap with its next-gen iPhone which is rumored to sport a larger display, a feature which many have been asking Apple to do.

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