One of the cooler features of World of Warcraft that they added many years ago was the ability for engineers to craft motorbikes in the game. This kind of went against the fantasy image and the concept of magical mounts, like flying carpets, dragons, gryphons, and so on, but it was still pretty cool nonetheless.

Well now it looks like those bikes that engineers have crafted in game will now be made in real life. This process will actually be documented in a series of episodes called Azeroth Choppers. Basically what happens is that custom motorcycle designer, Paul Jr., will lead two teams in designing the coolest motorbike possible that is able to represent both factions in the game appropriately.

This means that two bikes will be built, one for the Alliance which will be led by none other than Blizzard’s senior vice president, Chris Metzen (who has also provided voice-overs for the game), and art director Samwise Didier who will be leading the Horde team. The first episde is expected to go live on the 17th of April.

We’re not sure what Blizzard plans on doing with the motorbikes once they have been completed, but the winning chopper will be immortalized in the game as an actual mount, with the public allowed to vote on which chopper should win, but either way for World of Warcraft fans, this is definitely something worth looking forward to. In the meantime you can check out the intro trailer in the video above.

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