Google’s Chromecast dongle wasn’t as “open” as it is today when it was first released late last year. The company was quick to plug a root exploit, which even killed apps that allowed streaming of local content. Since then the Chromecast SDK was opened up to all developers, and also later allowing streaming of local content via the dongle. At first, it didn’t support YouTube live streaming, neither through a desktop web browser or a mobile app. But now it does.

It appears that Google is slowly removing most of the restrictions it initially placed on the $35 dongle. Through a desktop web browser, users can beam YouTube live streams to the TV that Chromecast is connected to. For now the feature doesn’t seem to be working with mobile apps, its likely that this glitch may be fixed through an incremental app update. Google has also added the ability to play private YouTube videos through the dongle.

Though as yet it hasn’t updated the support page to show that this change really has been made, like it did for private videos. Nevertheless, YouTube live streaming is up and running, even if the support page hasn’t been updated yet. It is unclear when Google plans on releasing the Android app update which will also enable YouTube live streaming on mobile devices.

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