I suppose it can be quite a struggle for many of us to spend wisely in this day and age, especially when you take into consideration the amount of advertising that we see all around us. Such advertising can be pretty subtle at times, urging us to spend our hard earned money without us realizing so. Well, Amazon has made life all the more tempting this time around, letting you put items aside for purchase via Twitter, now how about that?

I am quite sure that many of us out there will be curious to figure out just how such a system works. For starters, one will need to hook up one’s Twitter and Amazon accounts from the social settings page – which thankfully, can also let you opt out when you no longer want to make use of it.

Once an Amazon product link has been tweeted from just about any source, all that one needs to do is to reply with #AmazonCart (#AmazonBasket if you happen to live in the UK) and place it in your cart. From there, your inbox ought to have received a confirmation email by then, in addition to a tweet from Amazon, too. This is far from an impulse purchase, however, since one needs to enter the Amazon account in order to see the purchase to its completion. It remains to be seen whether this service would extend to other countries or regions apart from the US and the UK at the moment.

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