ps4delay-lackofgamesWhen it comes to the current crop of home consoles, it does seem as though the Nintendo Wii U is losing its pace against the likes of the Xbox One and Sony PS4. While both Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles are touted to be doing well, it remains to be seen just which of the two would emerge as the winner in the long run. After all, each console’s life cycle is said to be a marathon more than a sprint, lasting a few years. In a new report that hails from research firm International Data Corporation, it seems as though the Sony PS4 does have pretty good potential, where predictions of it racking up a 51 million sales figure globally by the year 2016 have starting to ring out.

If that were to happen, it would not be too surprising considering how the console has already taken over its home country of Japan by storm, as well as in other key markets that Sony has released the console. As for its bitter rival, the Xbox One, the IDC does think that the Xbox One will be able to have the upper hand in the North American region, at the same time start to earn brownie points with the rest of the markets that it is released in, although it was said that a lot of it would hang on Microsoft unbundling the Xbox One from Kinect.

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