hidden cashIf you’re not the type of person who follows people on Twitter, well there’s a good chance that you could be missing out on free money. We know it sounds like a scam, but here’s the deal: apparently a wealthy real estate developer has decided to try a social experiment in which they are leaving money for people to find.

The money will be hidden all over the city of San Francisco and basically you will need to follow the Twitter account, @HiddenCash, in order to find out where they have hidden the money. So far they’ve managed to hide money on the underside of park benches, parking meters, and money stuffed in envelopes labeled “@HiddenCash — Tweet when you find.”

According to the developers, they told the folks at the Bold Italic that they have no commercial interest and just want to draw attention to the massive income inequity that is going on in San Francisco right now, a problem which anyone reading the news or living in San Francisco are probably well-aware of.

So why not donate to charities instead of creating these “games”? Well according to the developers, they claim to have donated to charities already, and are encouraging people who find the cash to do the same as well. That seems unlikely given the situation right now, but we can always hope for the best, right? According to the latest tweet by @HiddenCash, they will be hitting up San Jose on Monday, so you’ll probably want to start following them now.

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