Viral marketing is all the rage these days. With the popularity of social networks increasing more than ever marketing departments have had to adapt their strategies. Apple certainly doesn’t want to be left out. The company has created a new position where the person hired will be responsible for putting its devices in the hands of high-profile users.

Its no surprise that this comes after Ellen Degeneres’ infamous selfie at the Oscars. This year’s Academy Awards were sponsored by Samsung and the company even taught Degeneres how to take selfies with a Galaxy Note 3. The result was that she gathered some of the most well known celebrities, took a selfie and tweeted it. That went on to become the most retweeted photo of all time, a major viral marketing win for Samsung.

Apple has titled the new position appropriately. The “Buzz Marketing Manager” will be responsible for “constant and compelling exposure of Apple products.” Basically he or she would have to get the product into hands of as many film and television personalities as they can. While companies can negotiate placement deals in Hollywood, Apple products routinely get featured despite reports that the company has never had to pay for the privilege.

Other high-profile personalities like athletes, designers as well as select brands and institutions would also be courted by the Buzz Marketing Manager. Do you think you’re up to the task? Here’s the job listing.

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