After an audio recording of current LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling leaked online, in which he made a series of racist remarks, the NBA banned him for life. While there has been much talk of getting him to sell the Clippers, Sterling still holds on to the team even though he can’t set foot inside an NBA stadium to watch them play. A lot of celebrities have expressed their interest for the LA Clippers and Arsenio Hall now joins that list, but he’s turning to the internet to raise money.

Crowdfunding is a pretty easy way to generate money if you have a good idea and are building something that might interest people. We’ve seen millions and millions of dollars being contributed to a wide variety of projects. Hall is shooting for the B-word. He has started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $1 billion to buy the Clippers.

Hall probably knows that this is a long shot since the campaign only runs through June 24th 2014 and it is very unlikely that a billion dollars can be raised in this short time. Which is why all funds generated till the aforementioned date will be donated to The National NAACP, one of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization.

As is the case with every crowdfunding campaign, donors can get perks for their contributions. $50 gets your a re-tweet from Hall. If you’ve got $10,000 to burn, Hall will commit to a phone or Skype call. If you’ve a ton of money lying around and would want to join him on his show, you can get to be his “sidekick” for one full show by contributing $100,000.

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