att-outside-logo-signAt the moment DirectTV can be considered the second biggest US pay TV provider. They have approximately 20 million customers which definitely outdoes that of AT&T’s own TV services which has only a reach of 5.7 million, but then again AT&T is more of a telecommunications provider.

However it seems that AT&T might want to start taking television more seriously because according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, AT&T is reportedly looking to acquire DirectTV. With both companies joined up, they are expected to pose a bigger threat to Comcast, especially in the face of the impending Time Warner Cable buyout.

If and when such a deal takes place, it would better position AT&T and will allow the company to offer up both wireless and TV series, as well as give the company a new way to deliver video to their mobile and broadband customers. It could also see AT&T leverage their Sponsored Data program.

The Sponsored Data program right now allows companies to purchase bandwidth in which they can use to advertise products and services without eating into a user’s data cap. Word has it that Amazon themselves could be teaming up with AT&T to offer Prime Data to users of their rumored smartphone, so we don’t see why AT&T wouldn’t do the same themselves if they do eventually acquire DirectTV.

However it is only a rumor for now but what do you guys think? Could you see AT&T announcing their acquisition of DirectTV in the future, and how does that make you feel?

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