att-bloatware-gs5Well, well, what do we have here? Normally, when we hear of news of a particular device being on the receiving end of a software update, it is an occasion to rejoice. After all, this means that the receiving device would be more efficient and perhaps see additional features thrown into the mix. This does not seem to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S5 from AT&T (aka SM-G900A) with its latest OTA (Over The Air) update, as it does seem as though the flagship smartphone from Samsung has received even more bloatware in the process.

A standard Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16GB of internal memory tends to have approximately 10.7GB of available internal storage right out of the box, although the carrier-branded Galaxy S5 models offer even less. Samsung’s bloatware is to be blame here as it is the biggest culprit in this mess, and hence the latest OTA update for AT&T’s Galaxy S5 adds even more misery.

This 46MB OTA update will feature a couple of AT&T’s own apps, Lookout and Yellow Pages Mobile, while adding another two more of Samsung’s own apps, Find My Mobile and Reactivation Lock, to the mix.

Are there issues? Nothing reported officially, although some folks did mention that there are improvements such as a less laggy experience in the user interface, in addition to a current issue surrounding the Recent Apps button having been resolved. [Press Release]

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