audi_r8_lmx_lDriving at night, especially on roads that aren’t lit very well, it is important that your car’s headlamps are bright enough for you to see where you are going, and also bright enough where you can see obstacles in front of you to prevent accidents. Some people don’t give headlamps much thought and might focus more on performance, but Audi is not one of them.

The company was the first automaker to bring LED headlamps to the market, before they introduced other features to their headlamps, such as GPS, pedestrian detection, and selective dimming, so safe to say Audi is a company that really pays attention to the headlamps on their cars. Well it turns out that Audi has taken things one step further by introducing lasers for its headlamps.

These laser headlamps will be making its debut in the Audi R8 LMX, a limited edition version of the company’s R8 supercar. According to Audi, the laser spot lamp in the car’s high beam lamps will not only provide more light, but it will also be able to shine much further than your average headlamps. This means that you will be able to illuminate objects and the path much further away, which might come in handy especially when you’re traveling at high speeds.

Now for those who are worried that this could be an annoyance to pedestrians and other cars ahead of the driver, fret not because Audi has incorporated cameras which will be able to detect cars and pedestrians, and dim the lights accordingly. The Audi R8 LMX will be priced at €210,000, meaning that it is probably well out of reach for the average customer, but hopefully this is a feature that will eventually make its way into Audi’s other offerings.

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