autodesk-3d-printerAutodesk, a name that many would be more than familiar with when it comes to 3D rendering as well as other professional programs that graphics artists use, is set to roll out its very own Autodesk 3D printer to the masses later this year in a move that will complement the open source 3D printing software platform that Autodesk intends to roll out as well.

It was at MakerCon that Autodesk dropped this particular bombshell of introducing a 3D printer some time down the road this year. This 3D printer will be able to create objects through the solidification of liquid resin layer by layer, using a technology that is generally known as stereolithography or SLA printing.

Many of the more affordable desktop 3D printers will make use of a different technique that is called fused deposition modeling, where it will rely on spools of solid plastic. SLA printing has begun to pick up the pace in the popularity stakes, thanks to its superior speed and quality, not to mention the pending expiration of patents which previously coddled the technology under an umbrella of protection. .

It must be said that Autodesk’s 3D printer will be open source, and that might just end up being a good thing for everyone, as it will play nice with a range of resins. Apart from that, Autodesk’s open source software platform that is known as Spark, intends to allow those interested in 3D printing to jump aboard the bandwagon without having to go through too steep a learning curve.

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