twitter-translate-bingIt seems that there is a new Bing translation feature that is being tested out over in Twitter, although this has not become official just yet. According to blogger Arvid Bux who managed to post an image on his Google+ account, it showed off said Bing translation feature in the Android app in a rather clear manner. So far, the folks over at Twitter have not stepped forward to confirm or deny plans to add Bing translation services when it comes to the Android app, so in all probability, it is currently being tested.

Having said that, this would also translate to it being a matter of time prior to the new feature rolling out to all Twitter users who are grooving to the Android platform, so there is also every possibility that the Bing translation feature will eventually make its way over to the iOS version of the Twitter app, too.

Microsoft has certainly put in their shift when it comes to offering machine translation services in its products. In fact, it was just earlier in the week when Microsoft announced Skype Translator, a feature that enables the audio translations of video chats. Microsoft has already drawn up plans to introduce a beta version of Skype Translator for Windows 8 later in 2014, with this effort expanding to various other platforms next year.

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