Despite all the speculation about its imminent downfall and financial troubles BlackBerry is still moving ahead. The company has made some radical changes to the way it does business though and hopes that they will play a major part in returning it to better health. While it isn’t expected to show off any new devices in the coming months BB fans are waiting for the next major BlackBerry 10 OS update. With BlackBerry OS 10.3, the company might fix one of the major issues that people have had with the software.

BlackBerry 10 OS brought an entirely new look and feel which a lot of users needed time to adjust to. One thing that wasn’t quite liked by many was the boxed outline around app icons. It just made the UI feel clunky and outdated, not streamlined and modern.

It rolled out two major updates for the software following its public release but didn’t touch the user interface much. That is evidently changing with BlackBerry OS 10.3. BlackBerry product manager Michael Clewley showed off a screenshot of the BB OS 10.3 homescreen through his BBM Channel today. The app icons no longer have a boxed outline and they have been slightly redesigned as well.

Overall the user interface looks more refined than before, something that BlackBerry fans like myself will certainly welcome. Clewley has promised to share more about OS 10.3 in the coming weeks through his Channel, so we’ll definitely have more to tell you in the near future.

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