john-chen-contextJohn Chen is BlackBerry’s latest CEO, which is saying something because the Canadian company has gone through a number of CEOs in a relatively short period of time. Chen, for the most part, seems pretty optimistic that he will be able to turn things around for the company, and it was recently during an interview at the Code Conference that he shared his somewhat candid thoughts on his position.

Speaking on stage, Chen revealed that the chances of him being able to save BlackBerry was at 80/20. We’re sure BlackBerry loyalists would have preferred something more optimistic, but at the same time we can’t really fault Chen for being honest, not to mention it’s a sight better than his previous estimation of 50%. He stated that his is confident that “we can save the patient”, likening himself to a doctor.

He also expressed his honest opinion that he does not think that he is the most qualified person to run BlackBerry. He followed up by saying that he was the only one that BlackBerry board of directors could find. Like we said, it’s not exactly the most inspiring of statements, but it is honest, and we’re sure BlackBerry fans and users can appreciate that.

Chen also teased that BlackBerry had a handset in the works that he believes carriers will love, although he declined to comment as to whether it could be an Android device. What do you guys think?

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