activision-blizzardWhile Blizzard’s games seem to mostly revolve around either the Diablo, Warcraft, or StarCraft universe, we’re sure the company has games and ideas up their sleeves for potential new franchises. While it is unclear what Blizzard’s next game could be, a recent job listing on Blizzard’s website has revealed that the company is looking to develop a new game for consoles.

The job listing calls for a senior software engineer for an unannounced game. It also clearly states that the game will be for console, with no mention as to whether it will arrive for PC or Mac, like how Diablo 3 is available on both PC/Mac and consoles, hinting that it could very well be a console exclusive game.

According to information on the NeoGAF forums, the team that will be developing this game will be relatively small, and will comprise of 20-30 people. It is also said that Michael Booth, the ex-Turtle Rock CEO, will be leading the project. The game will also call for a dedicated weapons artist, and will also have multiplayer maps as it did call for level designers.

Given that they called for a weapons artist, some have speculated that it could be some kind of multiplayer shooter game, possibly based on the StarCraft franchise. It should be noted that back in April, Blizzard had apparently filed for a trademark for the name “Overwatch”, so we have to wonder if Overwatch might have anything to do with this unannounced game. What do you guys think?

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