Back in the day when there was no such thing as a smartphone, let alone a mobile phone, concerts do, from time to time, see the audience use lit candles and wave them from side to side in an emotionally charged moment. Well, Booka Shade has recently performed a concert but decided to ditch candles for something more current and high tech – which would be smartphones in the midst of the audience. In fact, the smartphones went along in a coordinated sound and lights show thanks to a custom app that ran during songs, helping the audience feel as though they ‘complete’ the performance.

Booka Shade band member Walter Merziger said, “With so much opposition to using smartphones at gigs because of image and video rights infringement, we wanted to show how mobile technology can actually be used to make a performance even better.”

This could not be achieved on their own, since Booka Shade needed to work alongside Vodafone and an organization known as Makelight Interactive. Using Makelight’s app within the smartphones, these handsets are then synchronized at the show using a tone which will also pinpoint the exact location of each handset, based on how it “hears” the sound. This is not the first time that the Makelight app has seen action though, but it won’t be the last either, this we are quite sure.

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