quiet-facebookBack in the good old days when Facebook was first starting out, the amount of information that was presented to you was pretty much information that you know you wanted, such as updates from friends, what they got up to, photos, status updates, and more. Naturally Facebook has evolved since then and not only are those features still available, but there’s a lot more going on too.

For example there are sponsored posts, posts that Facebook thinks you like, related posts, game requests, people posting what they are watching or listening to online, and so on. It has become a flood of information that sometimes we don’t really need, which is why one developer by the name of Max Friedrich has posted a browser hack that will basically hide your Facebook’s News Feed.

Basically what it does is that it strips away your Facebook’s entire News Feed, leaving you pretty much with just the chat feature available. Dubbed “Quiet Facebook”, Friedrich wrote, “Facebook is an important communication tool to me. Most of my fellow students don’t use iMessage or Twitter DMs, so we talk on Facebook. However, I seem not to be able to just check my messages on Facebook. Instead, I wind up scrolling through the News Feed for a couple of minutes each time I visit Facebook in the browser.”

We have to agree that Facebook does come across as a distraction sometimes and the good news is that if you were hoping to use Quiet Facebook for yourself, he has posted the CSS for it on GitHub, although it has been designed for Safari in mind. Google Chrome users will be able to achieve a similar effect with this plugin instead.

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