diy-pedal-carSo, you think that you might want to make it big in the world of Do It Yourself (DIY), and save yourself a fair number of dollars in the process. How about building your own car from scratch? Of course, making it road worthy is one thing, and having the relevant government bodies approve it is another matter altogether. Still, Make: Labs has decided to go all Flintstones by working on a pedal car that will hopefully be ready to be in time to participate in the race at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area.


The Make: Labs team is obviously still learning the ropes when it comes to constructing their very own pedal car, and any kind of constructive and helpful external input would be more than welcome. What you see above happens to be one of the previous frames that was designed a few years back, where it will be repurposed to work in the upcoming pedal car.

Of course, plenty of work is still in the pipeline, so hopefully the Make: Labs team will be able to get everything up and running in due time, and perhaps they can also work on their leg muscles while working on this DIY project so that their pedal power is increased in due time.

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