Franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty are pretty popular, especially since there are elements of competitive gameplay in them, not to mention that with each generation, the graphics just gets better and better. That being said we’re sure gamers out there are eagerly anticipating the next Call of Duty title.

The title will be developed by Sledgehammer and so far we’ve managed to see a couple of screenshots. The game’s official trailer is set to be revealed on the 4th of May but it seems that thanks to a leak, Activision has decided to go ahead with their announcements already. The leak was originally obtained by the folks at Destructoid along with a release date set for the 4th of November.

We expect more details will be revealed on the 4th of May, such as which platforms it will be made available on (whether it will go next-gen only or will support older consoles as well), but in the meantime Destructoid’s sources have told them that the game will revolve around a soldier of fortune group.

This group will be led by Kevin Spacey’s character who makes an appearance in the trailer above. His character is one that turned against the United States government, which is a little ironic given his House of Cards character. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, check out the trailer in the video above and check back with us on the 4th of May to see if there are any additional details that can be had.

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