underwater city 1We’re sure some of you guys have been to places like the zoo where they might have exhibits for underwater animals. Sometimes these exhibits have been designed to make us feel like we’re underwater, and that the animals are swimming above us, kind of like Singapore’s Underwater World.

It’s a pretty cool concept and there’s something about being underwater that’s pretty soothing and relaxing. Now imagine if you could live in such a place permanently, is that something you might be interested in? Well apparently that’s what one Chinese company wants to find out. The China Communications construction company has recently commissioned AT Design Office to plan a four square mile underwater city.

underwater city 4The idea is to use the same techniques that they are using to construct the 31 mile long bridge that connects Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai together. While it does sound slightly impossible, architect Slavomir Siska believes that this is entirely doable. As for that 31 mile bridge, that project is coming to an end soon and is expected to be completed next year, so if they can pull that off, perhaps this underwater city idea might not be a stretch of the imagination.

underwater city 5The construction company is currently in talks with a large Chinese investor group where they are trying to figure out if this is an idea worth pursuing. Perhaps from a novelty standpoint, and possibly an architectural and engineering standpoint, this could be worth it, but from a financial standpoint? That could be tricky.

underwater city 3We reckon that trying to get people to move to the city could be problematic, since we’re sure many will have fears and doubts of their own. Secondly transportation could be an issue, unless they’re all self-sufficient, but we guess that’s for the engineers and architects to figure out, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Yay or nay on the underwater city?

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