cleverpetDogs are very different creatures from cats – the former would see you as its everything, and would wag its tail vigorously each time it sees you return home after a particularly difficult day at the office. Apart from that, they love their daily walks, and some dogs absolutely adore the game of fetch – be it a stick or Frisbee. Well, it seems that there might be an “upgrade” when it comes to your pooch’s collection of toys in the form of the CleverPet console.

It seems as though electronics are no longer the exclusive domain of humans, as gadgets for pets do look as though it is a viable and growing business. The CleverPet is supposedly touted to be an Xbox or PlayStation for your dog, keeping it entertained while being able to teach it some tricks as well as improve its learning skills.

The CleverPet will work via a reward system, where each time your pooch gets something right, it will dispense a treat. Each challenge will get more and more difficult as the game progresses, hence helping your dog’s brain work overtime to “level up”. Three pads on the CleverPet will respond to your dog’s touch, where the game’s algorithms is able to adapt itself to your dog’s learning speed. Right now, CleverPet remains a Kickstarter project that requires your donation in order to be a reality.

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