ms-smartwatch-patentThe world of consumer electronics has its fair share of trends, too, this I will not deny. In the early years, we have seen how notebooks have become slimmer and smaller in size, while the short-lived netbook niche also kicked off a different trend. For a while there were PDAs that led to smartphones that we know of today, and tablets did make the news for quite some time, too. Well, it seems that the smartwatch might be the next big thing, and Microsoft does not look as though they would want to miss out on the bandwagon as evident by their patent as revealed last week.

It has been rumored that the likes of Apple would want to jump in on the smartwatch bandwagon, too, which means there is potential money to be made. While we saw how Microsoft received a patent for a smartwatch like device prior, where it sports a body that can be removed from a wristband and later attached to a belt, this particular device will also sport a touchscreen display and a dock which would allow you to perform one of the following :- connect it to a charger, or to synchronize to a PC or laptop.

Another patent that was just discovered earlier today points to the electronic band segment where the body of the alleged smartwatch connects to. The band seen here does seem to be rather similar to the one that was caught in the earlier patent, which does edge us closer to the possible conclusion that this could very well be what Microsoft’s smartwatch will look like when it arrives.

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