continental tpmsFor those who don’t know much about cars, we’re sure it can be confusing as there are many things about cars that needs to be taken care of. This includes a regular service, checking the oil, water, brakes, tyres, and so on. It does seem daunting, especially if you’re sure that your mechanic is trying to rip you off.

That being said, Continental is hoping to lessen your confusion by introducing a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to its lineup of tires. Basically what this does is that it will monitor your car’s tires and if it is getting a bit low on tire pressure, it will remind you. It will also remind users that it might be time to get new tires when the tread depth is wearing a bit tin.

This is done as Continental as set some kind of pre-determined threshold that they believe constitutes as good levels of tire pressure and thread depth. The company also expects to roll out this feature for the 2017 season in cars equipped with the TPMS system, so if your current vehicle does not support such a system, you’d be out of luck.

However this does not mean that you’d be lost. Pumping air pressure into your tires on an occasional basis is a good way to ensure your tires are continuously inflated. You can also take a look at the tires and if they’re starting to look a little bald (as in the markings are starting to get shallow), then perhaps it could be time for a tire change.

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