craft-brewerWhen it comes to your tea and coffee, how serious are you in making sure that it tastes right, letting it steep at the perfect temperature? The Craft Brewer would be more than willing to step in, as this particular machine that sports a £7,700 ($13,000 after conversion) price tag is touted to be able to deliver the perfect cuppa (of tea, of course).

The company behind the Craft Brewer? We are talking about Bkon, who touts that the entire brewing process is far more complicated compared to what people are normally used to, that is, to pour some hot water into a mug that has a tea bag within. At this point in time, there are prototypes undergoing testing in coffee shops over in the U.S., with the device being made commercially available later this year – fingers crossed.

Of course, at such a high price point, it would be interesting to find out who would actually fork out that kind of crazy money for a tea-maker. I suppose there has been enough research made on whether folks would want to pay a king’s ransom for the idea tea-maker in order to justify its entry into the market. The Craft Brewer works by relying on a novel process of brewing, which is known as reverse atmospheric infusion (Rain).

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