cryengineEarlier this March, game developer and engine maker Crytek did make an announcement that they will be putting up on offer the full version of its CryEngine development tools as long as one is willing to fork out a monthly subscription fee. Well, it has been two months since that particular announcement, and we are glad to say that this initiative has finally been launched, with folks being able to download CryEngine through Valve’s Steam service at $9.90 a month.

This is not all, however, as Crytek intends to offer a trio of different pricing points for CryEngine. Apart from that standard $9.90 monthly fee, Crytek too will be offering a three month plan for $9 monthly fee or payment for half a dozen months up front for the cost of $8.33 each month.

Crytek claims that the tools which are part of this release will include the renderer behind its Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome, in addition to its C++ and LUA API interfaces, demo levels and content which can be utilized in order to develop a fair number of various kinds of games. In addition, one will also be able to enjoy a bunch of tutorials as well as documentation that will be part of the service. [Press Release]

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