cyanogen incConsidering that smartphones are used by both genders, male and female, it is not surprising that voice-activated features must be able to understand both the male and female voice, especially since all our voices have subtle nuances to them in terms of tone and timbre.

Well it looks like the folks at Cyanogen Inc. are currently looking for some help in fine tuning the OnePlus One’s custom wake-up command and are looking for female volunteers to help them do it.

For those unfamiliar, the OnePlus One is a recently launched Android smartphone that comes with a special Cyanogen build running on it. Given how popular the CyanogenMod is/was for Android devices, with the OnePlus One, the folks at Cyanogen Inc. have finally gotten a phone of their own.

Now according to Cyanogen Inc.’s Google+ post, they are looking for females aged 18-75 to provide them with an array of voice samples that they will then use to fine tune the custom voice wake-up feature on the phone. There will be a bunch of phrases and lines that the person recording will have to say, which they will then submit to Cyanogen Inc. when they are done.

Unfortunately this is not a paid job meaning that you’d be volunteering your time and services for free. Then again you will get bragging rights since you’d be able to tell all your friends that you participated in helping shape the OnePlus One handset’s features. If you’d like to learn more, head on over to their Google+ page for the details!

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