blades youtubeWhile YouTube is a great way to check out the trailers for video games and movies, it seems that there are some developers out there who are trying to take things to the next level by actually creating playable game demos within YouTube itself. The upcoming game, Blades of Excalibur from Kabam is an example of such a game.

The game was actually released back in 2013, but the YouTube version of it is essentially the English localization of the Chinese game. While the gameplay and game itself isn’t exactly super fancy or groundbreaking, it has a playable demo on its YouTube channel page where gamers will be able to preview the game for themselves without the need to actually download a separate game or leave YouTube.

Wired has brought up an interesting point, which is that it could change the way video games are demoed and announced. After all wouldn’t it be awesome if you could try the game out for yourself rather than just watching it or reading reviews/previews? Also assuming that game streaming services like OnLive or Gaikai are integrated into YouTube, the quality of demos would be higher as well.

This means that gamers will be able to experience high-end games without necessarily needing a high-end PC themselves. It will also allow gamers to experience games whose gameplay might be a bit hard to grasp by the video or description alone, such as puzzle games, for instance.

What do you guys think? Does this sound like a great way for developers to show off game demos in the future?

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