diablo 3 anniversaryDiablo 3 is a game all about farming and grinding for gear and experience. It can be frustrating at times, but the good news is that Blizzard has announced that they will be offering a bonus chance to legendary item drops starting on the 15th of May until the 22nd of May. This is in conjunction with the game’s second anniversary.

The game was launched on the 15th of May back in 2012, so on the 15th of May 2014, it would make the game two years old. According to Blizzard, they will be bumping the chance of finding legendaries up to 100%. This does not mean that you will be guaranteed a legendary drop, it’s just that its chances got a 100% boost, meaning that if the chance was 0.5% before, it will now be a 1% chance.

This isn’t a lot, but for gamers who have no problems spending a lot of their time farming for gear, then you might want to take this week to capitalize on the drop rates. Blizzard has also announced that there will be a bonus to Rift fragments as well, double to be exact, so if you’re running low on Rift fragments (which are used to create Nephalem Rifts), now’s your chance to farm for them and store them for the future.

This offer is unfortunately only limited to those playing the PC/Mac version of the game, so console gamers will not be able to cash in on this bonus. The buff will be applied starting at 12am PDT on the 15th of May and will end at 5am PDT on the 22nd of May. So, who’s planning on staying home this weekend?

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