Guitar players are probably familiar with the pickup systems found on their instruments. There are different brands and different types of guitar pickups, with some brands leaning towards a certain sound and style of music, while others provide a more well-rounded tone. The tone of the guitar is then further modified through guitar effects pedals, all of which is to help the guitarist create a sound that they love.

But what if you’re a guitarist that wants a certain type of guitar sound, but your pickups aren’t exactly suited for it (think EMG pickups trying to sound bluesy), what can you do? Well that’s where Dialtone comes in. Dialtone is essentially a guitar pickup that claims to be adjustable, allowing guitarists to adjust their guitar tones on the fly without any need for effects or software.

The pickups were designed by John Liptac, a musician who was tired of having to swap out guitars and pickups just to get the sound he wanted. How the Dialtone works is that there are two knobs placed at the corners of the pickups, and guitarists will be able to adjust the sound simply by turning the knobs, as simple as that.

Of course this is hardly the first time we’ve heard of guitars being able to customize themselves to that degree (such as Ernie Ball’s Game Changer), but given that the Dialtone appears to be a humbucker setup, it should fit into guitars that already use that system. Unfortunately Dialtone isn’t available for purchase at the moment and will be demonstrated on the 1st of June in Livermore, California. A Kickstarter project is also expected to be launched on the same day to help fund the project.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to Dialtone’s website or you can check out the video above to see the Dialtone pickups in action! Musicians, what do you guys think? Could this revolutionize the guitar industry?

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