bf4 cteWhen Battlefield 4 was launched, the game was launched with many bugs in it which had EA’s VP admit that they should have tested the game better. In fact there were so many bugs that there were lawsuits filed against EA, claiming that EA’s vote of confidence in the game was to boost their stocks, even though they knew how buggy the game was at launch.

Well it looks like all that backlash has paid off because it seems that EA and DICE are taking these reports very seriously, and are reportedly planning to launch a Community Test Environment which will basically have players provide them with direct feedback in a beta platform of the game. What this means is that the developers will be able to adjust the changes and fixes better before pushing it out.

In a way it’s kind of like the Public Test Realms we’ve seen in Blizzard’s games, where changes and updates are tested on a separate server by players, who will provide feedback, before the updates are pushed out to the main game itself. The Community Test Environment will be similar and will require gamers to download a separate game client and get a separate Battlelog that’s different from the retail game.

The Community Test Environment is expected to be launched on the 8th of May and is apparently only available for Battlefield 4 Premium members only on the PC. It is unclear if this feature will be extended to console gamers, but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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