We’re pretty sure ever since Marvel created the Wolverine character that the idea of having extendable and retractable claws have always been somewhat appealing. We’ve also seen many such inventions go by, although we have to say that Colin Furze’s creation is probably the coolest and most realistic we’ve seen to date.

Based on the size of the claws, we reckon that they’re about the same as the ones in the movies. He has also managed to make the claws extend and retract, with the latter being a problem for other creations since they are usually more focused on the extending part. This is thanks to Furze’s use of a compressed air system that allows him to extend and react the claws.

The downside is that unlike Wolverine, Furze is required to wear a backpack in order to make his invention work, but then again it does sound a lot safer compared to having adamantium infused into your skeleton, right? This isn’t the first time that Furze has come up with pretty crazy inventions. In the past we have seen him create a wall of death that basically let him ride his bike horizontally.

He also modified one of those scooters that travels at 4mph and made it so that it could travel at speeds up to 70mph, which is pretty fast and terrifying on such a tiny vehicle. In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, check out the video above to see Furze’s DIY Wolverine claws in action!

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