Anyone who has played id Software’s Doom before would know just how gruesome it was in the past as you played the role of a space marine who had to investigate what happened on an abandoned UAC outpost, before realizing that the denizens of hell itself have been unleashed. Well, granted that the Doom engine is unable to deliver the kind of realistic graphics that we see in games today, it was still spine chilling back in the day. With this particular mod of the classic title, it has made the game look a whole lot more realistic.


Additional contemporary additions that will be part of the deal would include 16x motion blur and bloom lighting, while the implementation of a filter would help gloss over selected areas where the game engine itself is unable to adapt to modern times due to the technical limitations. Do bear in mind that this does not feature code from the 1994 PC game, but rather, it runs on GZDoom and Zandronum, a couple of projects which made use of the original Doom source code, while adding on extras such as lighting effects.

Known as Total Chaos – Overgrowth, this happens to be a no-guns game that has been specially set in a post-apocalyptic future.

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