Only recently it was confirmed that Driveclub PS4 release is slated for October. The was actually supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 but the game was delayed. Even though there’s still a lot of time left before it becomes available, potential customers should keep in mind that an upgrade offered in the game will tie them to PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to a “free” copy of Driveclub. This will only have limited tracks and cars but will let gamers try every game mode the title has to offer. To unlock everything they have to upgrade the free version to Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition. It costs $50 and includes access to everything.

The caveat is that this upgrade is tied to PS Plus which is in itself a $50 per year subscription service. If you were to stop subscribing to PS Plus you’ll lose access to the content despite the fact that you paid $50 for it.

On the other hand customers will be able to pick up a full version through their local games store for $60. A digital download through the PlayStation Store costs the same. Its not tied to PlayStation Plus but will require a subscription if you want to play online. $10 isn’t that big of a saving but at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. If you plan on always being a PS Plus subscriber, you might as well save $10 on Driveclub for PS4.

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