drones-capture-real-estateSome places do not welcome drones at all, but when you are in the highly competitive real estate industry and would like to gain an advantage over the rest of the pool, is there a way for you to harness the power of technology to get the job done? Apparently so, as drones are now used to capture photos and videos from an aerial perspective where luxury home listings are concerned.

In fact, such aerial photos and videos do seem to be growing in popularity in the Bay Area. According to John Hayes, president of Open Homes Photography, he claims that his company has been hired in the past to shoot a modest home in Foster City, said, The regular photos on the ground are not very impressive, but you get in the air and it looks like you are in the Florida Keys or something.”

It does not take much for such a setup, using a small remote-control quadcopter and a camera to get the job done. Marika Sakellariou, a Realtor with McGuire Realty in Mill Valley, began to see the value of this method after aerial photography after it helped her place a $1.1 million home in San Quentin Village into escrow. She shared, “It gave the potential buyer the opportunity to see the village, the beach front. It’s phenomenal.”

Will the Federal Aviation Administration have a say in this commercial use of drones? Perhaps, but let the good times roll at the moment while it still can.

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