If you’re the sort that like to dive underwater and go on snorkeling trips, then perhaps you might want to invest in a snorkel mask like the Easybreath mask. The device was created by a water sports company in France, and they actually won first place in the 2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards, so safe to say it has something going for it!

So what makes the Easybreath so different from other snorkels? Well for starters, it allows the wearer to break with their nose and mouth. Typically snorkels are worn in the mouth, allowing the wearer to breathe only with their mouth. For the trained snorkeler, we guess this has become a habit and they’re used to it.

But for the occasional snorkeler or something doing it for the first time, it can be jarring. According to a diving center manager, “We naturally disassociate mouth from nose. In other words, we breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, so when we put on a mask, we can only breathe through the mouth.”

This is where the Easybreath comes in, which allows the diver to breathe more naturally. Other features of the Easybreath includes a wider field of vision, and there’s a bright orange stopper at the top of the mask that prevents water from entering when the wearer is submerged, and also serves as a “beacon” of sorts to other divers and boaters.

Unfortunately the Easybreath isn’t quite as available as it should be, mainly because its company, Tribord, does not have the capacity to ship these devices worldwide. However they are expected to make their way to Decathlon stores in Europe by the end of May.

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