facebook-cards-testFacebook is said to be testing out its iOS app that will feature the implementation of Google Now-style cards, where these Facebook cards are touted to offer relevant information, all the while making their presence known on the NewsFeed. Imagine this as you check-in to a restaurant, where the iOS app will then go through the photos snapped in the past of you and your mates, and that photo will show up. How about when you’re all stoked about the new Godzilla movie, and checked in at the local cinema, only to be greeted by a card that shows yours friends’ comments who have already watched the movie?

In a nutshell, such cards do not deliver real-time information in the way that Google Now does, which means you are unable to see real time scores of your favorite football team, and neither can you know what is happening on the road you travel each day to and from work in terms of traffic. What you will see would be information from status updates as well as individual posts between friends. Assuming a fair number of iOS users find such cards useful, we are quite sure that Facebook would look for a way to implement these across the other mobile platforms.

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