frostieThere are moments when we humans simply “connect” to the world around us, and by that, I am referring to nature and not something that has to do with computers, smartphones or tablets. Take Frostie for instance – Frostie is a sick baby goat who needs help getting around, and what better way than for human hands to come up with a pseudo-wheelchair fit for this kid?

This disabled baby snow goat is now able to get up and about courtesy of the kind hearted people over at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is a not-for-profit sanctuary that intends to help out rescued farm animals in Australia.

This tiny wheeled contraption allowed Frostie to move around, while doing its bit to improve Frostie’s condition of joint ill, which so happens to be a debilitating disease that has infected his body. Moving around with this wheelchair would definitely help to flush the disease’s toxins out of his system. It would definitely be nice to see the realm of 3D printing come into the picture, as animal shelters or not-for-profit organizations could make do with such help from those who have the financial means as well as the technical know-how in creating a “cure” for such circumstances.

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