It can be quite a challenge to change the mindset of humans, and in developing countries, you will see that cleanliness of the environment is not too high up the list of priorities for the people as they seem to be more preoccupied with other things such as making ends meet. However, there is nothing quite like basic civic consciousness to help keep the world a cleaner place. After all, trash cans are there to be used, and not for you to play “basketball” with your chocolate wrappers and the ilk. Fines have also been used to deter littering, but enforcement is an issue. How about encouraging people to make use of a trash can instead? A bunch of Dutch designers think that this is the key to reward smokers to do the right thing once they’re finished with their cigarette, having delivered a highly modified trash can that is called Fumo.

How does Fumo work? Well, for starters, it will be able to light up like a disco ball and play back music in the same manner as that of a jukebox whenever you throw your cigarette butt inside. To pique your interest, it begins to blink as you step close to it, where you will hopefully take the next step and perform a proper disposal of your cigarette butt.

Not only that, depending on where Fumo is installed, it can be tweaked accordingly. Let’s say you want to use it at a festival – interactive elements can be incorporated, and if you prefer to place it at hospitals, program to have it play some solemn music instead. I would like to see the Fumo idea expanded to include other kinds of trash instead of just accepting cigarette butts.

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