divide_googleMobile devices in the enterprise sector has been somewhat contentious as of late, especially in the face of BlackBerry starting to lose popularity amongst businesses and governments, who have started to favor BYOD programs where their employees can bring in whatever device that they feel most comfortable using.

However it looks like Google is planning on making a push into the enterprise sector by acquiring Divide, a company which provides Android-powered solutions to enterprise customers. This was confirmed on Divide’s website where they posted a message, announcing that they had been acquired by Google.

For those who are unfamiliar with Divide’s purpose and use, it’s basically an app that allows your phone to juggle multiple personalities, like a “work” personality and a “personal” personality. So at work you will be able to use apps related to work, but when you’re home or out with friends, you can opt for more social apps instead. It basically saves you from having to juggle two devices at once, which can be a bit frustrating.

The upside is that it also allows IT administrators access to the work portion of your phone, so that they will be able to monitor that side of your life. Apps installed on one side of the phone will not be installed on the other as well, so there is no chance that you will get your work emails and personal emails mixed up and send out embarrassing email messages intended for friends or family.

It’s an interesting acquisition by Google and we’re pretty sure BlackBerry can’t be too thrilled about it. We’re not sure what Google plans on doing with the company at the moment, but for current users, you can rest assured knowing that the service will continue as per normal.

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