glass-walletIt does seem as though the folks over at Google intend to deliver its Wallet app when it comes to their Google Glass wearable device, or at the very least, this is one of the rumors that have begun to make its rounds. TechCrunch was seen quoting one of their sources from within Google itself, touting that Google’s mobile payment solution known as Google Wallet will eventually be made available on all Google Glass. Right now, it seems that Google has started to test the service internally, where this could signal the very real possibility of an imminent public launch.


Imagine the power of the Wallet app on Google Glass – you can send money to folks on your contact list simply by speaking out the words “Send Money” before being guided through a bunch of settings on your Google Glass device. Of course, it goes without saying that it would help greatly should you happen to have some money left in your bank account if you were to actually be able to send dough the other way.

Apparently, it has not been lost on Google that this is yet another opportunity for them to monetize the capability to send money via Google Glass, charging a fee of 30 cents or 2.9% of the transaction, whichever is higher (but of course!).

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