google-maps-embedThe folks over at Google must have been involved in one of the largest ever additions of transportation information in Google Maps, as they have thrown in just about everything that you can think of – ranging from bus to train, ferry, tram, and subway data all the way from England to Wales and Scotland. In a nutshell, those who live in the UK will no longer need to rely on anything other than Google Maps when it comes to picking up their routes, schedules, as well as transfer information when it comes to public transportation.

This particular update to Google Maps is said to be one of the company’s biggest-ever additions of public transport information to date, and we would not want to argue with such a claim. Google Maps product manager David Tattersall shared, “In Britain, public transport is part of the national psyche. The biggest changes will be on mobile, as devices are becoming more and more powerful and they’re things we spend a lot of time with. We’re aiming to really improve users’ lives.”

Although Google does offer UK users public transport information at this point in time, what users get is not as all-inclusive as what will eventually be made available. We are talking about the inclusion of approximately 17,000 routes and 34,000 stopping points, as well as which routes have the least number of transfers. This is made possible as the UK government and transportation companies have now opened up their data for so that developers will be able to take advantage of it.

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