ios7_activation_lockRemember yesterday we reported that according to two hackers, they found a way to bypass iOS’ Activation Lock? They reportedly reached out to Apple informing them about the hack a couple of months ago, but were promptly ignored. However one of the hackers, AquaXetine, stated that Apple has since gotten in touch with them recently, but he decided to go ahead and ignore their email anyway.

In an email that the hacker sent to Cult of Mac, “They have asked me to contact [them] as quickly as possible, but why now? I’ve already warned Apple couple months ago.” AquaXetine even stated that he has since deleted the email. We’re not sure what will become of this – will the hackers eventually give in and share the exploit with Apple? Or will Apple be left fending for themselves?

Then again, the hackers have made the exploit available online which they are calling DoulCi. Basically what it does is that it adds one line of code to a desktop computer’s hosts file that will trick the iPhone into thinking it is connected to an Apple server. Through this hack, the user will be able to bypass Activation Lock on a stolen iPhone, and possibly even be able to retrieve Apple IDs and passwords.

The goal of Activation Lock is to discourage thieves, as the iPhone can only be used once they have entered their Apple ID and password to disable the lock. Lawmakers have praised Apple for this feature, although the hack and subsequent postings by users have proven that the feature has been rendered useless.

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