halo 5 guardiansEnd users such as you and me love leaks. Why? Because it tells us what we might be able to expect in a product, service, or video game, as opposed to having to wait and be kept in the dark for months on end. Of course some might argue that this kind of ruins the surprise, but is it really such a bad thing?

Well unsurprisingly 343 Industries’ boss, Frank O’Connor isn’t too pleased by leaks in the industry, claiming that instead of players and fans being enlightened by the information they receive, they usually end up being confused and disillusioned, and in some cases the leaks are wrong which in turn will give players the wrong idea.

According to O’Connor, “People, including nice people with kids and families and stuff, work super hard on this stuff and wake up in the morning to find some of their effort blown up. It’s not fun, and for what? So you can have a mildly interesting surprise 8 hours early and lacking context? Or get hyped or disappointed disproportionately? Or get someone fired or someone innocent yelled at?”

We’re not sure if O’Connor is speaking in general or if he is not pleased by the amount of Halo 5-related rumors floating about prior the game’s official announcement. Or could it be that he wasn’t too pleased about the rumor/leak that Halo 1-4 would be arriving on next-gen consoles in HD form? In any case we can understand his frustration, especially if it’s something you’ve worked so hard to keep a secret, but what do you guys think?

Do you think that leaks are a good way for companies to get an idea of what consumers may or may not like about a product before its release, or do you think it ruins the surprise completely?

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