When it comes to the wonders of 3D printing, we are starting to see more and more cases of the grassroots level activity which delivers hope to people. Case in point, two-year old Zaxton who is missing three fingers on his left hand because of a birth defect. Zaxton’s elder brother, Christian, turned to Herb Wasson, his former Leander High School robotics teacher for assistance.

Leander High School junior Jacob Ostrander chipped in, “A former student of his came in wanting to print a hand that was already designed by a man in South Africa, but Mr. Wasson, our teacher, gave him a better idea.” Wasson’s idea was to come up with a new design which was specially made for Zaxton, having asked three of his students, James Bell, Lexi Wilson and Jacob Ostrander, to come up with a brand new design for a 2-year old.

James Bell shared, “I started to learn how to use the program really fast, and I started designing things that were on the notebook, so we came up with this first prototype.” It took countless hours of work to perfect the existing design, where the 3D printed hand was eventually fitted to Zaxton, making his cleft hand condition a whole lot more improved than before.

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