instant inkDon’t you just hate it when your printer runs out of ink? For some reason this usually happens at the most inopportune moments, like when you have a report to submit by the end of the day and you only have 5 minutes left, or if you have a huge school assignment that needs to be turned in in the next hour.

Well we suppose that’s what printer ink levels are for, to keep us informed, but if you were hoping for something more “automated”, those in the UK might be pleased to learn that HP will be expanding their Instant Ink program to your country, making the UK the first country in Europe to gain access to the Instant Ink program.

Already available in the US, HP’s Instant Ink program basically allows HP to monitor your ink levels for you, and when they detect that it is running low, they will send over a new cartridge of ink before your old one runs out, thus saving you the hassle of making your own printer ink runs, and always ensuring that your printers are full of ink.

Of course this will require that your printer be WiFi-enabled, which is how HP will be able to know that your ink levels are running low. There are several pricing plans that HP has announced for the UK, which will also depend on how many pages you are planning on printing. For who don’t expect to print more than 50 pages, you can subscribe to HP’s Instant Ink program at £1.99 a month. 100 pages will cost £3.49, and 300 pages will cost £7.99.

For those who exceed the amount of pages printed, HP will be charging £1 for extra 15, 20, or 25 prints. Alternatively for those who don’t reach their cap, they will be able to roll it over to the next month.

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